Once upon a time, when life began and all the tiny cells started to comunicate to each other on the most primitive way. There were no rules, just a pure instinct for life that leaded to a phenomenal natural power of changing. The criativity on its pure essence. This is today what we can call soul, and everything that exists have a soul, deep inside every chemical element that consits all kinds of things, especially the live ones. It's a permanent memory, a DNA, a complex combination that can give to our most deep ancient pleasure of existence an smal but powerful remind on how cool it is to feel again that ordinary sensation of the creation. That's why we, 3 little creatures (Fabio Chenepan on bass, Tico Batera on drums and Victorsounds on electric guitar) decided to get together in a band and on the most wild way, make some raw-sweet music. Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce to you; Hacienda.